Jan 4, 2018

"Thank you so much for your help and kindness! We are forever sending women to Wear Ease by the way, because we know they'll be treated kindly and well."

- Bonnie


"Hello Wear Ease,

I received the camisoles yesterday. When I put on the black slimmer it was late afternooon and I was concerned because it felt very very tight and cut uncomfortably into the swelling below my axilla.

Shoot I thought. Now what do I do. This am the swelling is down throughout my torso and axilla after sleeping and I immediately put it on. It's an hour later and It's amazing. No pain. No discomfort.

(I'll turn it inside out next and try my small imicro-bead forms which I have not worn at all yet.) 

Boobs again....wow.

There is no question the Slimmer is going to be the answer for me.

I will be sized for black lymphedema sleeves after radiation to wear with The Slimmer and I can picture myself this summer riding my bike and walking the shore and doing yoga and well ...............................having a life again.

The slimmer is a miracle for many women as testified on the sites  but especially for me and others like me with a bilateral mastectomy and and no reconstruction and node removal on both sides.

Thanks Wear Ease,"

- Katheryn

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