If you have an injury or stroke and are not able to use one hand, follow these steps to put on a bra. It is easier to do this while sitting down.

  1. Fasten the ends of the bra.
  2. Pick up the bra in your strong hand with the straps at the top and put it over your head. Be sure the straps are at the top or the bra will end up being inside out.
  3. Slide your strong hand inside the bra and push your arm up through the bra.
  4. With your strong hand, pull the bra down over your weak arm. Lift your weak hand to pull it out of the bra. Your bra will be around your body near your waist. 
  5. Adjust the bra as needed with your strong hand so the cups are in front of your body and the straps are at the top.







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