How To Determine Your Compression Bra Size





  1. A: BUST SIZE Measure circumference at the fullest part of the bust. 
    Measure with a bra on, and prosthesis if applicable.
  2. B: BAND SIZE Measure the circumference directly under the bust.
  3. C: CUP SIZE Subtract the band size from the bust.
  • 2” or less = A/B
  • 2”- 4” = C/D
  • 4”- 6” = DD/DDD

Fitting the Compression Bra by Wear Ease®

  1. When you receive your new Compression Bra by Wear Ease, take it out of the package and unzip the front zipper all the way. If wearing a prosthesis,slip it into the pocket inside the bra. 
  2. Slip the bra on as you would any front-closure bra, attach the two hook and eyes inside then zip up the zipper.
  3. Lean over, adjusting your breast comfortably in the bra. Be sure that the band fits comfortably under your breasts, supporting them. The bra should fit snug like a sports bra.
  4. The bra should fit high under your arms to provide full coverage of the axilla area. If the bra fits too tight under the arms you can lengthen the bra straps by adjusting the hook and eye row on the shoulder straps. You can also insert our Bra Strap Extender, Style 400, for additional length. 

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