Compression T Shirt (Code: 915)

Off the shelf compression for relief from swelling from lymphedema or edema.

Compression T Shirt Compression T Shirt Compression T Shirt Compression T Shirt Compression T Shirt


The COMPRESSION T Shirt by Wear Ease®, sTYLE 915

For super comfort, wear our new Compression T. This T is specifically designed to provide compression for the entire torso and additional coverage for the upper chest and underarm area. A great fit! Based upon input from lymphedema therapists and fitters, we designed this shirt to extend the coverage of our popular Slimmer, Style 910. In addition to the sleeves, we have added a double layer of fabric to the back of the T. Great for travel and active wear.

(Although this garment is pocketed it may not provide enough support for all breast forms in which case a bra is required.)

Benefits of The COMPRESSION T SHIRT By Wear Ease:

  • Off the shelf lymphedema compresion garment for the torso.
  • Compression for relief from swelling after breast surgery, obdominal surgery, back surgery. 
  • Compression for orthopedic and sports injuries.
  • Snug enough to hold chip pads in place

slimmer size chart


*Please note that the size chart is based on actual measurements and not bra size.  If measurements fall between sizes, size down to  the smaller size. 

This garment is pocketed but has no darts or gathering to provide fullness for fitting.  This product works well for women who do not want to wear a bra or forms.  Works well for flat chested women (and men).  For ease of donning, step into the garment and pull up.  

Fabric Content:  80% Nylon, 20% Spandex





Thank you so much for the Compression T you sent me from the WCOL attendance. I wear it and have shown it to CLTs to see to recommend to other patients. It is the only garment that I have finally found to relieve my truck LE.

- Rebecca, TN


 Compression T

Washing Instructions: Machine wash gentle cold. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Tumble dry low or hang to dry.

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