Chest Compression Vest (Code: 796)

Chest Compression Vest Chest Compression Vest Chest Compression Vest




The Compression Vest by Wear Ease® is designed for gentle compression all around the torso for men and women with post-surgical discomfort or chest or breast lymphedema.  Learn more about Lymphedema Here 



Wear Ease therapeutic compression garments are designed for increased patient comfort and compliance. Compression constructed with quality fabrics specifically developed for medical compression garments. Our chest compression vest was designed to optimize outcomes and help reduce complications following breast/chest surgeries. Our moisture management (Naturexx) finish provides effective compression for managing post-operative edema while helping to keep the patient cool and dry. This is a comfortable option to wear to help manage swelling from lymphedema after breast surgery.

Benefits of the  chest Compression VEST by Wear ease:

  • Ajustable and detachable hook and eye shoulder straps for optimum fit
  • Soft "latex free" band encircles torso, allowing attachment of drainage tube pouches
  • Double layer of 4 way stretch fabric developed for medical compression garments
  • Moisture management system transfers moisture and heat away from the body, comfort for lyphedema in hot weather
  • High cut underarm for maximum compression on the axilla where fluids collect.

The chest Compression VEST Details:

  • Padded front zipper closure
  • Style 796 - Compression Vest
  • Style 797 - Compression Vest with 2 Removable Drainage Tube Pouches
  • Available in White

Available in Sizes:

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Content: Made of a double layer of specially finished Naturexx Fabric (83% nylon/17% lycra) this bra keeps you comfortable all day.
Washing Instructions: Machine wash gentle cycle. For best results, wash in lingerie bag. Do not use chlorine bleach or fabric softener. Hang to dry.






• Transfers moisture away from the body

• The comfort of natural fibers

• Dissipates body heat build up

• Preserves energy

• Warp knit elastic performance fabrics




Naturexx® is a trademark of Darlington Fabrics Corporation.






Testimonial: "Thank you for your wonderful products! I have two of the compression vests and they are perfect. As well, your customer service is top notch." - Diana


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