Shoe Fastener Kit (Code: 202)

Shoe Fastener Kit Shoe Fastener Kit Shoe Fastener Kit Shoe Fastener Kit


Shoe Fastener Kit

by Wear Ease

The Shoe Fastener Kit by Wear Ease is a specialty product for people with special needs or limited mobility due to surgery. This provides a practical, inexpensive solution for children and adults who have difficulty tying shoelaces. Don't bother buying new shoes, simply adjust the ones you've got!

The Shoe Kit Features:

  • Converts Regular Lace-Up Shoes into Shoes with Simple to Use Hook-and-Loop Closures, Allowing for Easier Fastening and Unfastening of Shoes.
  • Ideal for Anyone Suffering From Temporary or Permanent Injuries to the Back, Hands or Joints, as well as People with Cognitive Deficiencies.
  • D-rings Facilitate Closing/Opening the Straps and Can be Manipulated with our Notched Shoehorns or Dressing Stick.
  • Available in White, Black, Brown & Tan

The Shoe Kit Details:

  • Style 202 - Shoe Kit, 1 Pair
  • Style 204 - Shoe Kit, 2 Pairs
  • Style 209 - Multi Pack Shoe Kit, 4 Pairs, 1 of each color (White, Black, Brown, Tan)

  • For Shoes with 2 - 3 Eyelets, only 1 Wear Ease Shoe Fastener Kit per Shoe is Needed. For Larger Shoes with 4 - 6 Eyelets, 2 per Shoe May be Required

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Quantity in stock: Unlimited
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