Preparing for Breast Surgery

Once diagnosed…

You and your doctor will want to prepare for your surgery and recovery. Your recovery will be easier if you have a special post-surgical camisole or bra in advance. Such a garment can help alleviate both your physical and emotional discomfort.

During recovery…

While drains are in place, it can be challenging to find workable clothing solutions. You may feel well enough to leave the house and resume aspects of your normal life. Having a camisole that can secure your drains will make it possible to move around.


Beth Camisole, Style 903

Post-Surgical Camisoles

A post-surgical camisole provides support and comfort for you immediately after surgery and throughout your recovery.

We offer a number of post-surgical camisoles and bra styles. Camisoles and bras by Wear Ease are uniquely designed with an inner shelf bra to support remaining breast(s).

All Wear Ease post-surgical styles include both removable drain tube pouches and adjustable fiberfill breast forms(puffs). The puff(s) fit securely into built-in pockets and provide breast shape without discomfort.

Features & Benefits of our post-surgical camisoles and bras:

- Designed for recovery and function, adaptable to your surgical needs.

- Detatchable drain tube pouches to anchor and hold surgical drain bulbs

- Soft latex-free cotton spandex fabric, smooth seams

- Comfortable, easy to wear, secure fit

- Styles for “stepping into” or “front closure”

- Fiberfill breast forms restore shape without discomfort

- Fiberfill breast forms provide additional padding over surgical site

- Loose fitting for sensitive skin from radiation

- Support for remaining breast(s)

- Helps to control pain by easing stress or pulling on incision

- Promotes healing

- May be paid by insurance or Medicare

Dawn Camisole Drainage System

Insurance Coverage for Breast Care Products

Most major private insurance companies can cover these (our) products.

Most medical insurance policies base their coverage on Medicare standards which usually cover these products for breast operated women. However, the amount is dependent on the region as defined by Medicare. Post-surigical camisoles for most cancer diagnoses are normally covered under Medicare code L8015.

Your Breast Care Specialist can help you:

-  Determine teh appropriate style and size of camisole or bra to meet your needs

- With local support group contact information

- With completing and filing paperwork for reimbursement from insurance and medicare

- Choose a breast prosthesis and bra that is best for you after your surgery

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