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Pretty young woman with arms raisedWear Ease has developed post-surgical camisoles for women to wear after breast or     chest surgery.    Although there are many other camisoles on the market, we developed ours’ based

upon feedback from women who had had breast surgery and/or fitters.

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A post-surgical camisole provides support and comfort for a woman immediately after surgery and throughout recovery.  And may be covered by Medicare or  insurance, but the key is to purchase it and have it available to wear home from the hospital right after surgery.

A post-surgical camisole is a great solution for women to manage their care and comfort after surgery, going home and during their recovery period.  Many women have told us that they wore their camisole for up to 18 months after their surgery.

Normally, when a woman undergoes a mastectomy she goes home within a day or so, and she still has drain tubes and bulbs attached to her wound. It can be challenging to find workable clothing solutions. This can be painful because the inserted tubes may pull against the wound if not properly anchored.  She may feel well enough to leave the house and resume aspects of her normal life but has to deal with the drains.

Dawn Camisole Drainage System

The Dawn Post-Surgical Camisole was designed to provide comfort and function but also be fashionable and feminine.  Each Wear Ease camisole is packaged with a pair of drainage tube pouches which can be attached to the camisole band around the woman’s chest underneath the camisole.

*Fine, no-pill combed cotton *92% cotton, 8% spandex

*No inside seams

*Additional under-bust support/latex free

*Two removable drainage tube pouches

*Two triangular fiberfill breast forms

*Easy to slip on or step into

*Especially comfortable for fuller figures and unilateral surgery

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