Wear Ease: Success With Compression T, #915

Wear Ease: Success With Compression T, #915


(Filed Under wholesale Lingerie News). Wear Ease has reported increasing success with its Compression T, style 915, designed for those who need to manage swelling in their torso caused by lymphedema, edema or surgery.

“This T is specifically designed to provide compression for the entire torso and additional coverage for the upper chest, underarm area and back,” according to a company spokesperson. “Previous garments designed for lymphedema are normally bras with straps and do not offer the additional coverage needed in areas where lymph fluid tends to accumulate.”

“When a person steps into this garment they feel immediate relief from discomfort caused by swelling.”

The Compression T is offered in ivory and black and in sizes S, M, L, XL (misses) and 1X, 2X 3X (women’s). “This garment is made of a double layer of strong fabric, 80% nylon and 20% spandex, and is constructed so that there is no seam contact on the inside or outside of the body. All seams are enveloped inside the layers of the fabric.”

The T wholesales for $45.00, with an MSRP of $90. “But most shops mark it up 2.25,” according to the spokesperson.

The garments is currently sold at retailers such as “Pretty In Pink, Aggressive Health, Amanda Thomas, The Comfort Store, Van Driel’s, Caring Touch and Heide’s.” Contact Wear Ease at (866) 251-0076, Phyllis@wearease.com.

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Published 06-29-2016 by  Body Magazine

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