Compression Bra

The attributes of this Bra are numerous... This miracle bra holds my prosthesis firmly in place, with absolutely no slipping and sliding on my torso. The unique compression fabric, adjustable straps, front hook & eyes, as well as sturdy front zipper. But, the best is yet to come, as far as I'm concerned... It's the wide and deep compression under arm sides! Thus, the puffyness under my arm on my torso is now disbursed. No puffy skin, ledge, overhang, as with all other low sides mastectomy bras. Voila!  - Fran, Florida


20 years ago, I had a double mastectomy for breast cancer and have lymphedema. I finally found a bra that is perfect for me and gives great support for the prosthesis! I love my Wear Ease Slimmer and Compression Bra! They make my body look smother and feel wonderful, by relieving and concealing the lymphedema in my chest area. Thank you so much Wear Ease for making my life easier, Kay! -Kay W. Walla Walla, WA


Silky, easy-to-wear fabric combines with a soft, wide bottom band to give this bra a very high rating for comfort. The discreet front zipper has an underlining to protect sensitive skin, the prosthesis pockets are well-designed and very easy to use, and the straps adjust at the shoulder with small and secure hooks instead of the usual stiff and bulky Velcro. The sizes range from XXSmall to 3X, so there's something for just about everyone. Pair this with a Silique Comfort-Lite breast form for a fit that looks great and feels even better, with none of the lymphedema discomfort that heavier forms can cause.  - Binney


Compression T

Thank you so much for the Compression T you sent me from the WCOL attendance. I wear it and have shown it to CLTs to see to recommend to other patients.  It is the only garment that I have finally found to relieve my truck LE. - Rebecca, TN


Sydney Bra

"This Sydney Bra is very fun to wear. I especially like the fuchsia color. It's very comfortable. I don't need to deal with front and back hooks. The material gives with my body movements and is very lightweight. I use a prothesis. This is the first bra style that holds my prothesis in place. I have always had it slipping or not balanced easily with my remaining breast. The crisscross style gives great support including the wide band. The band stays in place without rolling. The band is very comfortable; it doesn't bind tightly. The back style adds extra support and aids the flow of my lymphedema. I encourage other gals to give it a try. I hope other fun colors will eventually become available. Stepping into the bra sounds very unusual. But surprisingly, it slips on quickly and easily." Sally


"Wow! I love the bra! It looks and feels like it was made just for me! The pink color is fabulous too! I can wear it all day comfortably! Can I order a few more? Does it come in beige? - Customer at one of our shops


"I thought it would be too low, but I tried it on and it fit perfectly! It held my prostheses in place and looked so natural. I am very pleased." - Fitter



I love your products and have several including the Sydney bra. ... Anyway...Your products are the best that I have found and I'm hoping that you might have some new styles in the pipeline.
- A.B.


Women's Compression Vest

Testimonial: "Thank you for your wonderful products! I have two of the compression vests and they are perfect. As well, your customer service is top notch." - Diana